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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


24 h hotel massage service

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All about gay massage in Barcelona

There is a lot to explain about gay massage therapies! By reading these pages you will feel much closer to have all the relevant information. This way you will be able make the best decision according to your preferences.

Quality gay bodywork

My gay bodywork has a strong accent on quality. I can also offer you a very sweet no underwear gay massage. We can also have a shower together.

Since all of my menus can be tagged as sweet "Nuru massage" and Gay bodywork with Jimmy massage —with release on demand.

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These are other subjects you can check on this website. Please check the links on the left. Here I am writing about many aspects surrounding Gay bodywork.

Gay massage in your hotel

Hotel gay massage means I can serve you in your hotel room. This is what we call gay out-call service. The skin to skin contact will be performed in your room, in the discrete environment of your choice and in absolute privacy. Nobody knows you are booking a gay masseur. Including Jimmy grips.

I am the gay masseur in Barcelona who thinks that a balanced and healthy attitude is relevant. I am the most sought-after professional and physical profile. Trust me and my trained Gay energies for an extremely fulfilling male bodywork session. Don't risk exposing your social profile hiring other kinds of professionals or amateur masseurs.

Trained Gay energies

As in all disciplines of life any talent is useless if you don't train to control it. Training helps understanding what you do and channeling the right amount of energy, wisdom and giving attitude. This is why my trained Gay energies are able to deliver the most satisfying and sweetest gay bodywork.

Attractive mature massage professional

I can never get used to hear customers stating they think I'm handsome. I am aware that having a nice body and a handsome face are relevant assets to succeed in intimate skin to skin connection.

Because when you meet a masseur you are meeting a man. So let me be your gay masseur in Barcelona. Being handsome or appealing to other men is not enough. Some true talent is necessary to deliver a quality bodywork. You just found the right masseur If these assets are appealing to you.

If you have a minute to read some testimonials I'd invite you to check what previous customers thing about my job: reviews.

By reading this website you surely know that we are speaking about gay pleasure treatments as a special and sweet personal experience.

Quality is one of the concepts I always mention. You surely already know there is a huge difference between a mediocre and clumsy bodywork and the job of someone who likes his job. And you will notice and enjoy the difference.

I can offer you a wide range of gay bodywork menus. Please check these to choose the one that fits you best. From Jimmy to back treatments, including Nuru-massage with extremely warm body to body contact. The all male massage.

All the gay menus I can offer you have in mind specific accents on a certain kind of therapy and grips. This is to offer you exactly the session you need: Relaxing, back, Nuru-Massage, Extremely Gay body-to-body, no underwear body to body and Gay Shower.

Check the different sessions lengths and prices. It makes a total of 9 different gay therapy menus.

All about gay massage: what about release?

Most of us already know the meaning of releasing. “Jimmy-massage” might be a less known concept. Yes, it is about enjoying your gay bodywork.

The moment you wish to enjoy this kind of sweet bodywork you will surely choose your masseur according to your personal preferences. Criteria should also be quality and experience. Too young masseurs are usually not experienced enough and will simply do whatever kind of caressing.

To most of us money is not flowing out the tap. And spending it right needs some smart decision taking. Your instinct and intuition are also remarkable sources to get it right.

Jimmy gay therapies

Learn more about Jimmy massage. It is a very wide range of techniques used to please any man in sensual, Gay and some really sweet ways. Jimmy grips need some specific training. Because the serving and pleasing attitude is not enough to master these techniques. Jimmy massage needs trained energies and a specific training. Not to mention lots of experience. I have been working with Jimmy therapies since 2002. Jimmy bodywork is a relevant aspect when your job is gay massage.

Video about gay massage

See me speaking to you and describing my service on a video. You will see scenes of a massage session: me on a black customer. It is a nice way to get in touch with my job.

All about gay massage in Barcelona

Paco knows a lot about gay massage in Barcelona

Next to "la Pedrera"

My professional studio is just around the corner of Gaudí's famous "La Pedrera" or Casa Milà building. Both enjoying a male bodywork and enjoying a cultural visit to this architecture site are excellent ideas to do in the same morning or afternoon.

How far is this massage studio?

My studio is a 35 minutes taxi ride away from the Barcelona El Prat Airport T1 and T2 —depending on traffic it can take up to 55 minutes.

Inside Barcelona you can use taxis. Furthest hotels as the Hilton Diagonal Mar, Princess, AC Forum are just 15 minutes away. Hesperia Gran Via l'Hospitalet, Rey Juan Carlos or Princesa Sofía are about a 25 minutes taxi ride.

If you use the Metro there are 2 stations just 2 blocks away: Diagonal (L3 and L5) and Passeig de Gràcia (L3 and L4). If you use L4 please count an additional two blocks walking time.

Hotels nearby

Hotel Claris, Renaissance, Majestic, OMMM, Alma, Mirror and many others are just around the corner. The price for an out-call service to your room or hotel massage is exactly the same, so why not enjoying your relaxing massage in the warmth and comfort of your own room. After the massage you don't have to shower immediately nor dress up to hit the streets again.

Gay Massage studio address

Please book before showing up here —there might be a waiting list or I could be serving a hotel at that time. Call me now and find out.

Gay massage menus

For both options —out-call and in-call at my studio— I can offer you a wide range of gay bodywork menus. Please check them to choose the one that fits you best.

See you soon! ;-)

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