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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


24 h hotel massage service

24 h studio massage service


Book your sweetest gay massage

Booking a massage is really easy. It is as simple and fast as calling me or sending a whatsApp, SMS or an e-mail message.

You can make a booking for whatever day and time suites you best. Your agenda and schedule rule! I will adapt to your calendar and needs.

Call me now and find how flexible and adaptive I can be.

Last minute appointments

If you are in a rush you should obviously call or send an SMS. E-mails should be used for next day or next week appointments.

Short notice massage

If you need a last minute appointment please call me now. I will surely answer immediately. If not answering, please record a message. I will contact you as soon as I finish the current session. You can also send an SMS ow whatsApp.

If you don't want me to contact you back please say so in a message.

Booking difference between SMS, whatsApp and e-mail

It's common sense: please have in mind the different purpose of each kind of technology: a phone call, an SMS or a whatsApp give you an instant reply. E-mails obviously take longer to check and to answer are are not suited for last minute calls.

A smart trick to book your gay  massage

If you are wishing to enjoy a session in the next 30 to 90 minutes and I am not answering the phone please send an SMS or a whatsApp free message with your information: Hotel, address, room number, name and desired treatment.

Same thing if you plan to visit me at my studio. I will send the full address of my exact location at this time upon request. I will always answer asap to confirm.

If not answering now

As you can see on the page about prices, my sessions can take from 45 to 120 minutes. The most common are the 60 minutes sessions, so I could be finishing one in minutes. Please send your inquiry anyway and you will shortly get my answer.

Plan ahead your sensual massage

Planning ahead is always the safest option. If you have been looking up gay masseurs for a specific place and date you will surely find me —you obviously did!—. Please plan your appointment now and let me know. Don't risk contacting me too shortly before your ideal time.

Long term massage appointments

Appointments for tomorrow, next week or for the fore coming months can be done using the e-mail. I use a calendar to schedule all my customers, so I can assure you will not be forgotten!

Blocked numbers

Many customers opt for calling with a hidden number or using skype. It is perfectly understandable given the not too discrete attitudes of a minority of other kinds of professionals. I am not that kind of guy and have never stalked a customer nor a person in my private life. You can trust me.

I am obviously unable to call back such a kind of call. Sometimes i get calls while I am currently performing a session. I can see the calls received, though I can only answer them undisclosed callers with an SMS after finishing the current bodywork.

If you are using a blocked number please record a message and call back. We will be able to speak and I will be absolutely happy to serve you!

Call now and make your reservation!

Paco is the hottest gay masseur in Barcelona

Paco welcomes you for a hot male massage in Barcelona

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