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Description of gay therapies

Prices and time lengths for each menu might be relevant for you. I am also frequently asked about the details of each and every specific therapy. After all what is most important is choosing the right one to fulfill your wishes and expectations.

Relaxing gay massage Description

This menu is about a spiritual and deep relaxation. This therapy is perfect to enjoy on a tatami or Japanese bed. It includes your release if you wish to. I will use my hands and forearms and will perform some body to body contact. The focus on this menu is relaxation, peace and calm, emptying your mind from stress and trouble. Since this is a basic therapy in terms of amount of grips there is no 90 minutes version. I am wearing a small underwear to perform. The goal is not achieving the maximum excitement but a deep relaxation.

Medium gay Gay with Prostate massage Description

During this prostate massage on the tatami or Japanese bed I will previously work your whole body, from head to toes, to warm up your sweetest energies. I will also work your perianal area, your balls and the outer and inner sides of the anus. It might sound funny to those who have never tried it but it is an extremely blissful and sweet therapy. It includes your release, combining prostate and balls massage with Jimmy massage. You can discover a new kind of balls pleasure, anal release and enjoy a long fulfilling and abundant creamer. You will loose track of time. I am wearing a small underwear to perform this treatment.

Extremely Gay no boxer massage Description

This is the only therapy I perform taking off my boxer. And you will understand why. During this extremely Gay and blissful bodywork on the tatami or Japanese bed I will work you from head to toes, using my whole body to awaken your most intimate and wildest private energies. In Japan they call it "Nuru-massage" because both our bodies will rub against each other using some gliding body oil, scented gels or cream. I will also work your perianal area, balls and the outer and inner sides of the anus. You will achieve release combining prostate, balls and Jimmy massage. You are allowed to caress my whole body since I will remove my boxer. Discover and enjoy a long fulfilling and abundant creamer. Book this 90 minutes time length if you'd like to release twice or more and to enjoy the extremely sweet shower: both of us using some foamy soap and having fun under the hot water! I perform no boxers with no extra fees. You are welcomed to caress me softly. You will discover the most intense private energies a skin to skin virile contact is able to deliver.

Gay Couple massage Description

This treatment is for all kinds of couples: straight couples, bisexual couples and gay couples. The 90 minutes session is perfect to fulfill a wider range of Gay fantasies and for both of you enjoy a longer time of a truly special "ménage à trois" session.

This menu is about sensuality and sweetness and we can deal personally the protocol that suits you best: who will I be starting with? Is one of you just receiving the massage? Do you prefer focusing on working just one of you guys? Will we be switching the focus on either of you?

We can set up a session to work on specific aspects of your sensuality. Complicity is a way of private communication and we can use it to establish a certain role play top satisfy you both.

Since the Gay intensity for these couple massages is the highest I will perform these sessions removing my boxers with no extra fees. Both of you are allowed to softly touch my skin.

Gay Shower Description

Gay shower is not a therapy by itself but a part of the Extremely Gay 90 minutes session and the 120 minutes Extremely Gay massage. Using some soap to caress each other front and back under the hot water is a special moment you can enjoy before or after the extremely Gay body to body. It is a warmand amazingly sweet moment to share between men.

Ever had the gym fantasy of entering the shower with a man in the locker room? Don't risk to be beaten: your male masseur will allow you to soap him and rub his back and chest. Book the 90 minutes extremely Gay session to enjoy a longer time and then the privacy of a hot shower. Hot water and a warmer experience!

Ask me before requesting a time. No problem for hotel out-calls. For in-call at my studio we need to discuss the perfect time to welcome you.

Techniques used for 90 minutes gay massage Listing

Most of these techniques are used in these 60 and 90 minutes sessions. Depending on the one you choose you will enjoy a larger amount of these grips and services. You are also welcomed to personalize them in a previous conversation with me.

•Feet reflexology

•Buttocks relaxation and stimulation

•Perineal relaxation and stimulation

•Gay prostate relaxation and stimulation

•Nuad-Thai using my feet and legs

•Kidney relaxation and stimulation

•Cervical and shoulders relaxation and stimulation

•Body to body contact on your back

•Abs and belly massage

•Chest and nipple stimulation

•“Jimmy” massage (*)

•Frontal body to body contact

•Cranial relaxation

•Facial massage

•Hands massage

•Sensitive relaxing treatment

•Caressing your male masseur

•Warm shower (for Extremely Gay menu)

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Now you learned all the therapies I can perform for your pleasure it's time to make an appointment. Contact me anytime. I will be very happy to serve you!

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