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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


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Male masseur Barcelona

I am exactly this therapist you can see on these pictures. This is me and Angelo, and it shows as well that we are proud of our job. Gay bodywork is our calling! And we have the privilege to serve the best local customers and the best international businessmen and tourists visiting Barcelona.

Independent male masseur

I don't work for agencies or studios. I am a 100% independent freelancer. This means there is no money going to middlemen of any kind. You pay for the service you are getting. Transport fees and rental of my massage studio are always included in the final prices I'm showing on this website.

Gay massage agencies in Barcelona

In Barcelona you will be able to find a huge amount of male and female masseuses. Most of them are working for agencies that are taking a huge percentage from their incomings.

This might not sound relevant to you. But there is a quality difference: when working for agencies, most of the masseurs get paid a plain 40% of the fee you are paying. This means they don't have a strong motivation to deliver a quality bodywork. They lack the passion to perform a honest and full-featured massage. For those professionals, you are just a number.

My approach to serving you is absolutely personal, very passionate and the result is the highest quality for you. Your enjoyment will be the highest!

Male Gay masseurs in Barcelona

Male free-lancers in Barcelona are usually offering the two edges of massage: whether strictly legitimate therapies avoiding to touch and work your buttocks —let alone your other parts—, whether on the escort side of a tacky, gross quickie service.

If you are positive about what your wishes are you will have gone a long way. Be honest to yourself and choose: plain therapy —no happy ending, no release, escort service —15 minutes oral stuff with some fake smile and groaning— or my unique quality Gay massage.

Balance of massage and therapy

Achieving the perfect and balanced point to offer the best Gay bodywork has some difficulty. Because it needs a professional and honest control over the service: performing a real Gay therapy, not crossing those easy red lines to gross. And on the opposite site, not holding back the most Gay and sweet attitude to match the customers' expectations. And that's me and Angelo.

"Sweet" massage

It is hard to get this balance, but once achieved the customers are really happy and satisfied. This is exactly what most men are looking for.

Many customers call me because they need some sweet massage. Satisfying this excitement needs some specific bodywork because it goes a bit further than just sports therapies. These customers' will and need to enjoy it for a longer time makes them choose Gay massage as the best option. And it truly is if you choose a pro like me and Angelo!

My skin to skin and body to body therapy is not the plain addition of therapy plus a job using the hands. I create the emotional and physical context to blend sweet and daring eroticism into one unique and blissful kind of pleasing gay skin contact experience.

Jimmy massage: how close is it?

Many of my customers tell me "this has been better than bed". But it's not like sleeping with someone. I never perform oral nor behind services. The sessions I can deliver are really sweet and feel very masculine. The kind of skin and body communication you share with somebody you care about or you feel attracted to.

One of my customers once told me "you seem to go a b-line around bed and you end up going much further".

Gay massage and satisfaction

The sexual effect of my Gay bodywork is exactly this: a satisfaction beyond the regular, domestic and of course casual stuff.

A "quickie" meaning a short encounter with a stranger in a sauna or in a black room is something most of us already know. Oftentimes we look back to those experiences with the awkward feeling of having undergone something shallow and meaningless.

My service takes at least one hour, and the connection we establish makes us both wish the session was longer. Skin communication could go into more personal issues. Many a customer needs to speak to me after the massage. Sharing thoughts, feelings. This is something that will take you to a higher level that plain bed is rarely giving you.

If you are craving for a special satisfaction you should try my services. If you never had something similar before you will be nicely surprised. And if you already had a similar bodywork you will appreciate it even more!

Call me and speak to me!

Paco is the erotic gay masseur in Barcelona: young mature and hairy

Paco is the mature and hairy handsome masseur

Matt is the XXL endowed masseur in Barcelona.

Matt is the XXL endowed masseur in Barcelona.

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