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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


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Gay massage on Sundays

If you are visiting Barcelona on a Sunday you might be wondering if there is an available gay masseur or gay studio to enjoy your desired moment of bliss. Well I am!

Everything is closed in Barcelona on a Sunday. Only the tourist area downtown around Ramblas and Plaza Catalunya has some open shops and live on the streets.

But you need to enjoy a gay massage. You have the right to it, and I will serve you. Today in just a while from now—short notice— or in a forthcoming Sunday.

Planning ahead a gay therapy on a Sunday in Barcelona

Please call asap, there might be a previous call from somebody else. Sundays are busy days for me.

You can also plan ahead for a forthcoming Sunday. I will take the booking and will open the studio for you whenever best suites your schedule.

Gay massage on Sundays in my massage studio

I will open my studio just for you. Just call me, let me know what is the best time for you during this Sunday, and the booking is done. We will meet there for you to enjoy an amazing therapy.

Gay massage on Sundays in your hotel room

I can obviously serve as well in the privacy of your hotel room in Barcelona. Or in your private apartment. Your convenience is always first, I can adapt to your request.

Same therapy prices on Sunday

In Barcelona most of the professional services are more expensive on Sundays. It is a holidays, a day to rest. Everyone deserves his weekly rest to enjoy his private and family life.

I personally chose to work on Sundays though. And keeping the same prices for all my services. The only exception is that I am focusing only on the best and most elaborate massage menus: Medium Gay and Extremely Gay Massage.

Sunday, a day to celebrate yourself

In Europe Sundays are traditionally some special days: families re-unite to have a nice meal together. Lovers have a date, stroll around the parks, have a nice meal i an restaurant and go to the movies.

This Sunday is also the perfect day to celebrate yourself. You might indulge to treat yourself to a nice Gay bodywork. You deserve it and you sure can afford it.

Available for massage on Sundays

Call me to check availability now. We might be able to set up the session during your call. So we'll meet just in a while from now!

Choose the best masseur on a Sunday

I can understand that the schedule of a businessman or a tourist is hard to match for businesses if only opening during day shopping time or just opening on workdays.

Being available today means my attitude is professional. Customers should have the last word. And my will is serving.

I am aware of time limitations of all kinds of personal profiles. This is why I adapt my service to your needs.

Gay life available on Sundays

Now you know I'm available on Sundays, just call to set up the most exciting session ever!

Call now to check my availability!

Today is Sunday: enjoy a gay massage with Paco anyway: at his studio or your hotel

Enjoy a Sunday gay massage with Paco

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