Paco is your gay masseur in Barcelona


"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


24 h hotel massage service

24 h studio massage service


Male masseur for in-call in Barcelona

Male erotic bodywork is my job and my calling. I am serving gay professional therapies in Barcelona. Both in-call and out-call. Because your convenience is first!

What is in-call massage

We say in-call when the customer (you) is visiting the masseur at his studio. So this means you are traveling to visit the gay parlor, studio or clinic.

Benefits of in-call gay massage service

Please check the different benefits for you of booking an in-call or an out-call service. The place where you most will enjoy is important to you —so it is to me. I will serve you wherever is best for your agenda.

Fees are exactly the same so you don't have to calculate what is more affordable. I always set the focus on your convenience.

Advantages of in-call gay massage

Visiting me at my gay studio has several advantages. Even if you have to use a taxi or spend time on public transport, the advantages might be relevant to you.

The first one is privacy. Coming to my place you will be safe. My studio is clean, quiet, absolutely discrete, and not known as a place where gay men are meeting.

I have several rooms to choose, in different sizes according to the time length and Gay intensity of your chosen menu. There is a full bath room with shower and bath-tub so you can enjoy a shower before and after your session. Mine is a professional studio.

You will be able to enjoy the perfect set up for a sweet, relaxing and private skin to skin session. Because my clinic is a safe place.

Only customers who have made a reservation have access to visit. So there are never interruptions from other masseurs or other customers.

In-call male therapies

The best or nothing!

Now I have my own private studio.

U used to work with several of the best male sweet therapy studios in Barcelona in the past though.

My studio is a legal, well decorated and professional clinic.

This may sound redundant, but it is important. Don’t risk your personal and professional profile nor your safety. And don't risk wasting your money by visiting places that are not legal or far off known streets.

24 hours gay in-call service

Legal studios have their own opening times. Although whatever the time might be for your request: I can adapt. So just call and let me know. Of course we will find the best option in a heartbeat!

Included services and amenities in male in-call massage

Some fresh and crisp towels to dry off after the shower. Also one-use slippers to avoid walking barefoot.

I will offer you a drink: choose among soda drinks, fresh water, Catalan Cava —the equivalent to Champagne— depending on availability and menu.

After the bodywork you can enjoy again a wonderful shower to rinse off the body oil we have been using.

Depending on the menu you choose we can shower together to share some more sensuality under the warm water and the soap!

Paco is the best option for male in-call massage in Barcelona

Paco is the mature and hairy handsome masseur

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