Paco is your gay masseur in Barcelona


"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


24 h hotel massage service

24 h studio massage service


Prices of massage

I can offer you a range of prices according to the three-stepped Gay intensity you desire. The lowest price is 90 € for a 45 minutes Relaxing treatment for release. The maximum is 400 € for a 2 hours Extremely Gay bodywork. Check all the in-between steps. All these prices are the same for in-call and out-call including taxis.

Relaxing massage

60 minutes Relaxing: 120 €

Medium Gay massage

60 minutes Medium : 150 €

90 minutes Medium : 225 €

Extremely Gay massage

60 minutes Extremely : 200 €

90 minutes Extremely : 300 €

120 minutes Extremely : 400 €

180 minutes Extremely : 600 €

Massage for couples

I also offer intimate bodywork for straight, bisexual and gay couples. There is a special price for couples. Please contact me to discuss your specific request and the options.

Three gay intensities range

My gay massage sessions go from Relaxing to Extremely Gay, from affordable to really lush 120 minutes private experiences. I always perform these sessions with the most professional and giving attitude. Please check my reviews, that's what and how customers feel, describe and rate my service.

Express massage prices

The shorter "express sessions" have proportional shorter prices.

45 minutes Relaxing: 90 €

45 minutes Medium : 110 €

45 minutes Extremely : 150 €

30 minutes Extremely : 120 €

Relaxing massage price

Relaxing or "Delikatessen" therapy is the basic massage intensity. The goal is relaxation, peace, disconnecting your mind. The price for one hour is 120 €.

Medium Gay massage price

Medium Gay is the step between Relaxing and Extremely Gay. A very special asset of this menu is the chance to try prostate stimulation, which is not included in the Relaxing treatment.

The price for one hour is 150 €.

Sometimes I call this menu "Supreme".

Extremely Gay massage price

Extremely Gay menu I also call "Magnum" is, the words may suggest, the kind of bodywork before you can call it the next step. Very warm and with the chance of enjoying mutual caresses. It is the only session I perform taking off my underwear.

The price for one hour is 200 €.

45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes sessions are proportional. The exception is the 30 minutes, valued on 120 €.

Time length of treatment

You can choose four different time lengths for your session: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours or the "express" 45 minutes. I recently added the 30 minutes Extremely Gay therapy for men in a hurry that want to take off my boxers. Prices are proportional.

Prices in US dollars

The exchange rate from dollars to euro may vary. Please ask for the current rates.

Price balance: quality first

I am always striving for the perfect balance between price and quality. Serving the worldwide range of men of all cultures and social environments has given me the proof that my prices are fair.

"Pricey" massage?

Customers who first complain about the "pricey" treatments always change their mind after enjoying them. It is a matter of fact.

I can hear the same comment every time: "I was used to those 40 € tacky jobs. Your service is outstanding and thrilling, your price is absolutely fair, your job is on a whole different level".

No tips and no taxis

My goal is offering you a premium private skin to skin contact service. In case you wait for me at your hotel room all the taxi expenses are included.

I will never ask you for a tip —asking for tips is not an elegant attitude in Europe though tips are always welcome. I understand tips as a special thank you for an outstanding service.

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