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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


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+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


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A very nurturing side of my job as a masseur is getting these terrific reviews and comments after Gay bodywork sessions.

Massage is my passion. On top of that my customers feel free and very comfortable to share their thoughts, emotions and opinions about my service. It is the natural result of feeling at ease together.

It is always a wonderful moment when I get a whatsApp message, an SMS or an e-mail with a personal "thank you for your job".

I never ask for it. I leave each and every customer with his own thoughts. Many of my customers just have to go on with their stressing schedule, business meetings or with their lives.

Sometimes the messages can be very long and detailed. And sometimes they just tell me after the session is over and we share a glass of fresh water.

The down side to your service

This hour under your body and in your hands has been some amazing time. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Waking up and back to real life and my usual frustrations is hard though. Now I realize that normal encounters are not as delightful and balanced as your job. I felt so safe, so pampered. Who else is able to give such a deep pleasure to body and soul.

Best decision ever! Absolutely satisfied!

My wife is usually making fun of me. She says I never take the right decisions. This time I am so proud to hit the target by choosing you, though a bit frustrated because I can't tell her!

Absolutely worth the price!

I spent 3 € on a Sunday newspaper and got deeply frustrated. With the news, the quality of the content and the whole reading experience. I felt rage. On the evening of the same day I spent 300€ on your Gay massage services. And man that gave me some true happiness! I always thought it's way better to invest on my own happiness.

Thrilling massage!

Your job is thrilling!

You hit the spot!

Your personal touch

Your touch is so special that I have been thinking about how I could describe it. It is not the blend of two different things, massage and sweetness. I guess you can't touch somebody just warmly or just therapy-wise. Yours is the source of an indivisible essence: your personal touch.

Worldwide word of mouth

I'm currently working for a worldwide gay organization. Many of our team members meet in Berlin, London, Prague, Budapest, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, São Paulo, Sydney... We speak quite openly about our whereabouts and oftentimes we suggest each other nice new places to go. It has been already two years that I heard about a certain gay masseur in Barcelona. I didn't know my colleagues were speaking about the same person all this time. Until I had the opportunity to visit your city. I took their recommendation and searched for you. You do a mind-blowing job and you certainly deserve this word of mouth all over the planet. Again: WOW!

Horny and jaw-dropping massage

You are taller than I thought —judging by your pictures. And your massage goes much further than the idea of massage I previously had. Right now I feel something again by remembering your jaw-dropping 90 minutes "extremely" session.

Two hours life landscape in one massage

"Welcome to my own inside landscape", I heard my inner voice telling myself. Two hours can be an endless time, like while waiting for flight connections. Together with you several hours passed by in the blinking of an eye. You walked me through my own inner landscape and I kind of discovered myself through the different states you created with your so special protocol. More than massage indeed.

We "play Paco"

Maybe you don't even remember us. My partner and I shared an amazing couple session with you about a year ago. As we found ourselves back home in the States we incidentally went on playing some of the games you did on us. We call it "playing Paco", and we have so much fun and such an exciting time every time we do it. We just wanted to send you this "thank you" message.

Your massage is better than bed

I like bed a lot. Sometimes I think I am addicted to bed stuff. Your massage is much more than just that.  It is a new approach to sweetness a new massage genre.

Really warm bodywork

I asked you for your best massage and for a quite long session wondering what you'd be able to do during all this time. The time passed by so quickly I could not believe it took 2 hours. Not a minute of boredom or empty feeling. I left it all in your hands. You have delivered an extremely warm, sweet and masculine experience that left me so relaxed and satisfied as I never thought could be possible. Really amazing.

Addicted to your touch

After your massage I thought "well, man, now you are satisfied". But as I got back to my apartment i started thinking I needed to feel it again. And I ordered another session with you for the next day. The second session was even better than the first, something I could have never guessed as I still was so surprised by the first. Then I found out I could easily get addicted to you.

Big present

My partner and I came to you with fear. We are not in our best moments anymore, so any little thing can hurt our relationship and trigger the last drama, the final crisis to break up. We felt so comfortable with you, it's beyond words. We had such a great fun, we enjoyed you, we enjoyed each other, we forgot our lives and our problems. I don't know about our future. But you did give us a surprising present, something good we are going to fondly remember for a long long time.

You left me craving for bed

We talked about this shortly before the massage. The limits to bed you also explain on your website. I understand your job as a masseur. You are not an escort. Ok. But man did I wish you were! You have an amazing talent to build up a very sweet chemistry, and I found myself craving for more. Your private skin to skin contact is very hot but deep down I needed to sleep with you.

The long way around bed

You seem to go a long way around bed, avoiding it, and you end up going much further.

Male chemistry

I like your body, your size, your scent, your energy. You are a rare blend of masculinity with wise tenderness.

Man of my dreams

I always dreamed about somebody like you. In many ways. Your partner is so lucky to have the privilege to share intimacy and bed with you. I guess all of your customers envy him so I hope he's aware of it. I wish you the best luck for your life.


You come up with all you promise on your website. And all the previous testimonials are so true and well describing your massage. Don't ever change.

Cheaper stuff turns out to be more expensive

In Spain we have this saying "lo barato sale caro" ("cheaper things end up being more expensive"). I first found you on-line. I instantly liked your pictures and your service description. Too expensive, though. So I went on using search engines and found me a cheaper masseur in Barcelona. And that's where I went to. It was just sh**. I felt so tricked and deceived. After that bad experience I was afraid your massage would be equally deceiving. I decided to give you a try after a couple of days thinking around. The moment after your massage was when I finally understood the difference is not just the price: it's the quality.

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