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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


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Appealing gay masseur in Barcelona

You should choose your favorite masseur in Barcelona —and anywhere— according to your personal preferences. How do you like men? Tall, strong, hairy? With a nice face? Sporting a beard?

Your preference rules.

Being handsome is something other people judge —even without asking them to. They say I am, and this naturally helps me with my job. Gay bodywork is spicier performed by a hot man.

So please allow me to state something that is against my natural humbleness. It is just to describe myself with a bit more accuracy for men seeking a handsome therapist.

Most of my customers say I'm an attractive man. They say I look better in flesh and blood than on these pictures. And if they say so then you have one more piece of information to help deciding who to hire for your very special Gay skin contact in Barcelona.

I am really unable to tell, but on this website you can also see my pictures and judge by yourself.

Paco and Angelo

We are both expert, tall, strong, hairy and appealing males.

Paco is 6,1 tall / 185 cms, and Angelo is 6,3 187 cms tall. Paco is more on the muscular side and Angelo is very lean. Both have a hairy body.

Paco is what you call a "bear" in the gay scene: a hairy and strong guy.

You can see it all on my pictures. My photographs are recent and have no retouching except edited from color to black and white. It's just a matter of style.

Your preference matters

To a lot of men coming from all countries and cultures I'm a "dream man" type.

Today you can easily choose where, what, when and who for any service you fancy.

Fortunately you are able to compare different websites, different masseurs with different prices, talents and pictures. Follow your personal preferences always. This service is a very intimate one and you don't want to waste your time nor your money on somebody you are still having doubts about.

Handsome masseur to guarantee satisfaction

You'll surely agree with me that the same job performed by a better looking masseur feels nicer. Looks do have a weight on our decisions and a sensual and Gay therapy is way much better when performed by an appealing man.

They say I'm handsome

Many customers tell me "you look better in flesh and blood than on the pictures". I guess the moment of the human presence is when you can feel the chemistry and the real appealing energies.

Being handsome —allegedly— is also helping us to perform a hotter bodywork. On top of that, feeling attracted to each other can help building up a sweeter session. And a warmer massage will result in a higher level of enjoyment so a more satisfying experience.

Out the closet gay masseur

See me showing my face on all these pictures because I'm "out the closet" in many departments, also regarding my job. I don't feel any shame telling my family and my friends what my masseur job is about. I am passionate about my job.

Discretion is a must

I never expose my customers to no kind of public show off by no means. I can be out the closet regarding myself and my job, but I take very seriously your rights and need of personal privacy. Each and every masseur should be aware of the nature of this job and be responsible about it.

Trust your own criteria and feel free to ask me for availabilities. I can adapt to a wide range of schedules, mostly 24 hours.

Call me now!

Enjoy a male massage with Paco: the sexiest gay masseur in Barcelona for your best gay massage and hotel massage

Enjoy a sweet male massage with Paco

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