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"I massage men, not just bodies" —Paco


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+34 676 648 226


+34 676 648 226


24 h hotel massage service

24 h studio massage service


Tantra massages Barcelona

For gay massage in Barcelona your convenience is first! Check the different benefits of booking an in-call massage or an out-call massage to enjoy your Gay bodywork in Barcelona. The place where you most will enjoy it is relevant to you —and so it is to me. I can serve you wherever you desire.

Tantra massages: the benefits of out-call service

There are many advantages I'd like to offer you. The out-call Tantra therapies Barcelona service to your hotel has the convenient fact that you don't need to dress up and step down the streets to look for some premises that might be far away. Welcoming me at your hotel room is the start of many privileges you are about to enjoy.

Basically you will save time and taxis. Back and forth. While the taxi rides are included in my service, your rides won't be for free. I will never ask for a tip or for taxi money.

After the session you will be able to take your time before having a shower. Or you can fall asleep —something absolutely impossible in a massage clinic.

24 hours hotel service

You are free to ask for a gay bodywork session anytime 24/7 in Barcelona. Please book ahead of time to ensure my availability. Ahead of time means for instance that if you wish to enjoy a session at 3 AM please let me know before 11 PM. Book it now!

Fees for out-call massage Barcelona

Fees are exactly the same. No extra charges apply on hotel out-calls nor in-call. Your decision should not be about what is more affordable. Just think of what you dream to enjoy. The service is the same for both in-call and out-call options.

Out-call Tantra massage Barcelona: best way to enjoy it

Your hotel may be the most convenient place for you. Don’t need to go hailing taxis under the rain, in the late night or early morning hours or under the burning summer sun. This way you save time and money. And on top of that, you can fall asleep after the session. Total relax! The easiest and most convenient option.


With me your profile is never exposed: I dress as a regular citizen since I’m a masseur. Hotel lobby-staff see me as a client, a host, a laptop technician, a business partner or a good friend of yours.

I am bringing it all

All we need for your sweet body therapy is coming with me: oils, creams, disposable protection for your bed and sheets. Even the music. You don’t have to worry about anything when booking an out-call bodywork service with me in Barcelona. Just call and open your room door to enjoyment.

Quality is first

My service has a strong accent on quality. Rather than performing countless sessions in one day I focus on serving the best experience for you. I am always fresh and charged with some very positive energy. I do muscle workouts almost every day. To me mental and body health are extremely important.

Call the clean and handsome Tantra masseur

To perform a wonderful gay massage your therapist has to be in shape both physically and mentally. Drug use and abuse is an enemy to excellent performance. I never take drugs.

Being a handsome masseur is not enough but it sure helps. Before knowing me of course my customers choose me for my pictures: tall, hairy, strong, bearded and experienced young daddy. Some customers told me I look like a Colt Studios model. My looks are very appealing to many men.

Though other men prefer waxed masseurs, after knowing me they appreciate the high voltage Gay chemistry I am able to build up during the skin to skin session.

Being nice, empathic or sympathetic is a relevant aspect to me. The kind of Gay massage I can offer you is about sweet connection. Skin, body but also a personal chemistry that has to click. Just to please you! This is my job.

24/7 gay Tantra massage service

You are free to enjoy my gay therapy anytime during the day, the night and during the whole week.

Please book ahead of time to ensure my availability.

Trust me

Trust me and you will experience a wonderful Gay and extremely sweet bodywork. Other customers left their testimonies and you are welcomed to check them as reviews.

On a funny note, a customer once told me "hell I was afraid you were going to assault me in my room. Now I see I can trust you —and wish you'd assault me!"

The kind of service I can offer you is a private experience. You should choose your masseur carefully in order to enjoy as much as it gets. Money is not growing on the trees and we all should take smart decisions about where we are spending it. Trust your instinct and you will most probably get the best for your cash.

Hotels served

This is just a short list of the hotels served in Barcelona city with my Gay out-call gay bodywork service. If the hotel is not listed here, please don’t worry. As I look as a professional or a manager I will have no problem to use the elevator without speaking to the lobby staff. If the elevator needs using a card please disclose your name so the lobby staff can help me.

Hotel Arts — Hotel W — Hotel Mandarin Oriental — Hotel Meridien — Hotel 1898 — Hotel Boutique Bagués — Hotel Alexandra — Hotel Hesperia — Hotel Tryp Apolo — Hotel OMMM — Hotel Mallorca 288 — Hotel Colonial — Hotel Juan Carlos I — Hotel Princesa Sofía — Hotel Cram — Hotel Mirror — Catalonia Hotel — Hotel Sunotel Gran Vía — Hotel Porta Fira — Hotel Live & Dream — Hotel Roommate — Hotel Palace Gran Vía — Gallery Hotel — Hotel Olivia — Hotel Expo — Hotel Ayre — Hotel Rambla 33 — Hotel 4 Bcn — Hotel Princess — Hilton Diagonal Mar — Hotel Majestic — Hotel Plaza — Hotel Royal — Hotel Melià Sarrià — Hotel Actual — Hotel NH Constanza — Hotel AC Forum — Hotel Princess — Hotel Silken Havana — Hotel Silken Diagonal — Hotel Silken Ramblas — Hotel Casa Fuster — Grand Hotel Central —Hotel Miramar...

..and the one you are in now!

Gay massages in Barcelona

Trust Paco's expertise: it's about your enjoyment.

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